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The Path to Sustainable Future

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When a truly new idea manages to take hold of your imagination, we are quick to see how that idea could be turned into a business line in the real world - satisfying demand, solving a problem and generating revenue. We have great enthusiasm for such business and food and energy is everyone's business. Food production and consumption contribute well over 20% to global greenhouse gas emissions and account for more than 90% of the world's freshwater consumption. The likely growth in the world's population to 10 billion by 2050, it is clear we need to change what we eat, how much we eat, and how we produce our food. Potentia is leading these trends with partner companies.

For businesses and investors, sustainable Food and Energy will give rise to both opportunities and disruption. We are here to partner along the way.

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Climate Smart
Food Businesses

We partner with Climate Smart Food businesses. Shared Values deliver Shared Profits.  We ask what is your Purpose, what are your bold commitments and what are your challenges. Your answers drive our interest in partnering in your business.

Versatility in

We partner to provide private capital for select clients in Food and Technology sectors bringing investors and companies from across the globe. So strong ESG proposition can enhance investment returns by allocating capital to more promising and more sustainable opportunities (for example, renewables, waste reduction, and scrubbers). It can also help companies avoid stranded investments that may not pay off because of longer-term environmental issues 


New Food.VC

We incubate New Food ideas. If current food consumption trends continue unchanged, a shift in diet alone may not be enough to make the food system more sustainable. Further productivity improvements across the food supply chain and in both developed and emerging economies can be achieved through the large-scale adoption of new technologies.

Full Partner Experience Value

We bring global M&A expertise in food sectors with deep transaction experience. Shareholders and stakeholders do not compete in a zero-sum game. Quite the opposite: building a strong connection with broad elements of society creates value, not least because it builds resilience into the business model


Race to

A sustainable global Food and Energy system benefits the global eco-system as well as human health. But we have a long way to go to get there: today almost 700 million people are undernourished, while 40% of the world's adult population is overweight or obese.

We need to produce and consume more affordable, healthy food in order to restore the health of both humans and the planet. 

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If you’re in the business of food and are ready to change the game, Potentia is your team.

Leaders in food & beverage VC, PE and advisory focused on middle-market companies, we bring sound judgment and executional excellence to your business – and we get results.



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