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GLocal Holding I

Simplicity, Ease of Investment, More Lucrative, Low Cost.

Single Deals, Co-Investments, GLF/SWF Linked Deals

GLocal Fund I

We seek private equity investments from 25m to 200m in food sectors Globally through our Deal by Deal Investment Structure. We partner with local, regional and global players. Hence the fund name GLocal.

With headquarters in London, we take a balanced perspective, which aims to deliver excellent returns for our clients by outperforming  traditional asset classes. We work under dedicated and multi-management mandates.

Our GLocal Fund structure provides:

Partner With us :Investors have complete visibility on the investment that the SPV will be making and can choose whether or not to invest.

Improved deal access: We not constrained by a particular investment strategy or investment restrictions- as long as they are in the Food Sector, which can lead to access (for investors) to a wider variety of deals, some of which may be under the radar of a traditional investment fund.

Reduced management fee: A traditional investment structure will charge a flat management fee based on the committed capital, whether it has been deployed or not. Our Deal-by-deal structure tend to charge a lower fee, based on the deal value and we stay in for the long run.

No abort costs: Unlike with a traditional fund, any costs from an aborted investment opportunity are borne by us, the investment manager, not the investors. 

Learning opportunities: Investors wanting exposure to the Food Sector, such as family members behind a family office, or those new to this asset class, can use experience from deal-by-deal investing (e.g. the exposure to the investment team and the visibility on investments) as a learning opportunity.

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