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70% of funded startups do not go on to raise their next round.


Early-stage rounds often take over 6 months to close as founders scramble to build the conviction they need from investors.


Prolonged capital raises are damaging to operations and valuations.

New Food Seeding Process

We invest in Entrepreneurs and then the products. Our aim in the success of partners in the long run. We understand cashflow and growth. 

We provide comprehensive support to start-ups across the investment life cycle. We help them monitor and develop existing and new markets for consumer behaviour and economic/demographic changes, helping them with real-time market-pulse  tracking and sourcing quality business to chase.

Our international network helps start-ups identify and maintain a pipeline of potentially interesting businesses, helping them have increased visibility and volumes of start-ups in their space and pre-empt growth opportunities. 

We also conduct business prospect due diligence by creating diligence frameworks and conducting research,  ensuring faster go-to-market strategies for the start-ups.

Our structured monitoring and advisory services enable start-ups to track performance of their business periodically, conduct strategic business reviews and prepare bespoke presentation material for investor reporting.

We do this by buying into the business either through cash equity injection or through equity options and adding value on the board and the management level from day one. 

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