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Monika Drwila

Associated Partner

Associated Partner overseeing investor relations, Drwila has 17 years of experience across private capital, fund placement, hedge funds, and investment banking. She has held roles at major firms like Citi, ABN Amro, Alfa Bank, PwC, PepsiCo, and Pharos Financial Group. Drwila's expertise spans venture capital, private equity fund formation and marketing, equities investing and capital raising. She has originated and placed funds across the U.S., Europe, and Middle East markets. Drwila earned a BA from Dominican University in the United States.

Notable Transactions
  • Venture capital experience in Tech (eCommerce, SaaS) and Industrials sectors

  • Fund management across multiple sectors: Food & Beverage, Retail & Consumer, Impact, Real Estate, Industrials

  • Participated in several Citi-originated IPOs, focusing on distribution for Russia and Emerging Markets

  • Raised over $200 million for Russia/Emerging Markets/oil and gas funds

  • Organized IPOs, corporate access road shows, conferences, and investor events

  • Invested in startups across various sectors:FinTech, Real Estate, Aviation, Cannabis

  • Raised funds from high-net-worth individuals for seed and Series A startup funding

  • Experience spans multiple financial activities and sectors, with a strong focus on emerging markets, particularly Russia

Past & Current Boards

Advisor - Aeropay (ACH payment startup, Chicago)   

Board member   - Alumrise (former HR startup, Texas)

Monika Drwila

(1) 212 445 3401


BA, Dominican University, US





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