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Privacy policy

About Potentia Inc Ltd  and this Privacy Policy

Potentia Inc Ltd. (“PIL”) is a global group of independent member firms operating around the world. PIL’s members are separately constituted and regulated M&A and corporate finance advisory firms providing services in accordance with the relevant laws and jurisdictions in which they operate respectively.

The website is operated by PIL on behalf of all member. Each of PIL's members collects various personal information about individuals in the course of their business activities. Each of the members is a separate data controller in respect of any such personal information and is separately responsible for holding and using such personal information, in accordance with the relevant data protection laws applicable in their jurisdiction.

As such, the privacy policies vary among the jurisdictions in which the members operate. Please be referred to the individual country pages for the relevant privacy policies.

PIL is not responsible for, and disclaim all liability in respect of, compliance by our members with any applicable data protection laws.

What information do we collect and how is it processed?

The PIL website collects limited information of visitors to the website for marketing purposes. More specifically, information is derived by interaction with PIL on the website such as by filling out a form to subscribe to our newsletters or by using the chat function. Personal data is kept for no longer than is necessary following the interaction on the website.

Additions or changes to the privacy statement

This privacy policy has been written in accordance with the data protection legislation applicable in the European Union, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). PIL shall keep this privacy policy up-to-date at all times by adjusting it as and when necessary. Therefore, the policy may change from time to time.

Contact us

Questions regarding our privacy policy can be directed to the following email address: Alternatively, please contact your PIL contact. Details can be found on the website.

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