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Now Is the Time for Revenue Intelligence

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

Revenue intelligence describes the practice of gathering sales and product usage data across leads, prospects, and current customers and analyzing it with an AI to identify trends and metrics that can be used to maximize revenue.

The idea of revenue intelligence is relatively new, brought on by the availability of artificial intelligence solutions, as well as the ability to integrate them with other applications and tools to collect data. Revenue intelligence involves a data-first approach, as it gathers information from multiple teams, including sales, marketing, success, and support, and integrates them into a single source of truth where the data can all be used together for maximum impact.

Within a sales team, revenue intelligence provides an entirely new level of insights that are tied to sales opportunities. These insights inform sales teams with advanced buying signals, targeting data, and forecasting information. Sales reps can better prioritize leads, personalize their communications, and ultimately generate more revenue through the use of RI applications.

Sales teams are also able to increase their efficiency and productivity since they are able to identify which prospects are most likely to close and which may waste their time. Reps are also able to better engage with revenue intelligence tools, as they can predict which contact is the most likely to respond, through what channel, and when.

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